Use of the machines is on a first-come-first-served basis. FIU Honors College students with projects have priority use of the machines.

To view the array of machines we offer, visit the lab hardware page.


German RepRap3D Printing (FDM)PLA$2.50 service fee + $2.50/hour
Raise 3D3D Printing (FDM)PLA$3.00 service fee + $3.00/hour
Prusa i3 MK3S3D Printing (FDM)PLA$3.00 service fee + $3.00/hour
Formlabs Form23D Printing (SLA)Resin$10.00 service fee + $5.00/hour
CricutVinyl CuttingVinyl$0.50 service fee + $0.50/min
SilhouetteVinyl CuttingVinyl$0.50 service fee + $0.50/min
Inventables CNCCNC milling*By request$5.00 service fee + $0.50/min
Mini CNCCNC milling*By request$5.00 service fee + $0.50/min
GlowforgeLaser Engraving*By request$2.50 service fee + $1.00/min
HP Design JetPoster Printing48” by 36” poster$10.00
INEX Life Button MakerButton Making2.28' Button Badge$1.50
Printing FramesScreen PrintingWood/Aluminum Silk Screen Frame Print on Fabric*Quote by Request
*May have added material charge if material is not provided for the service

There are two options for using the machines in the FIU Honors College Edge Lab.

Use the machines yourself

You may reserve time to use the machines yourself following successful completion of training and testing.

Request the item to be made for you

If you cannot or don’t want to use the machines yourself, we can use the machines to build your design for you. Please contact us or complete our project request form to get an estimate on time and cost for your project.