Rules & Safety

rules & safety

Basic Safety Guidelines

Report all safety incidents.
•Safety is our top priority when using the EdgeLab makerspace. Please report all safety (including fire-related, injury, and spill) incidents to lab staff immediately. Lab staff will respond accordingly to each incident.
•If immediate FIU safety attention is needed, please contact Public Safety at 305-348-5911

Know safety measures and resources.
•Know the location of all safety equipment (protective gear, fire extinguisher, eye wash station, spill kit, and first aid kit) and do not block them with any EdgeLab equipment.
•Do not attempt to remove lodged foreign objects from eyes or body.
•If any chemicals or solvents get in the eye(s), immediately go to the eye wash station and flush eyes with the water solution before proceeding for medical treatment. Lab staff will assist with the washing if needed.
•Please use EdgeLab first aid kits for any self-treatable injury, such as cuts and bruises.
•Fire extinguishers can be used by safety trained persons.
•All lab participants must complete EH&S certificate (listed below) and EdgeLab trainings to use designated equipment and complete specific projects.
•If you are not sure what you are doing, ask staff for help.

Act and dress right.
•Do not work with makerspace equipment if tired or in a hurry.
•Do not startle or distract anyone (not even with a conversation) if they are using a tool.
•Look out for tripping hazards! Secure electrical cords and tubing. Disconnect electrical equipment (if possible) when not in use. Do not block aisles. Ensure work and surrounding area are dry and clean.
•Always wear safety glasses with side shields, goggles, or face shields near operating equipment that moves or rotates, even as a non-participant.
•Loose-fitting clothing, ties, jewelry, gloves, or long hair that is not tied back are not permitted around moving or rotating machinery.
•No shorts, short-sleeve shirts, skirts and open toe shoes or sandals on projects that can injure non-covered skin.
•Wear suitable gloves when handling hot objects or sharp-edged items.

Know proper equipment use and work area cleaning.
•Never work alone when using power tools. Two persons must be present.
•Operate certain machines, like drill press and CNC router, with required shields in place.
•Never walk away from a tool that is still on.
•Use tools correctly. (A wrench is not a hammer!)
•Never use a broken tool. Report any broken tools or machines to staff immediately.
•Use special tools or devices, such as push sticks, brushes, hooks, to remove accumulated debris and operate certain machinery. Do not use your fingers!
•Do not store chemicals or solvents on the floor. Staff will retrieve (upon request) and place back chemicals in designated areas, including flammables in safety cabinet.
•Keep a clean and well-organized makerspace by cleaning up your work area, including sweeping and mopping debris and non-hazardous liquid spills, and disconnected equipment with lab-provided cleaning supplies and putting equipment back in its designated place.
•In accordance with the spilled chemical or solvent material deemed hazardous, staff will use the EdgeLab spill kit to clean it up and dispose of it properly.

Training Type
Certification Name
Valid For
Core Training

ALL LABS, Regardless of Specialty Area
Laboratory Hazard Awareness
2 Years
HazCom: In Sync with GHS
2 Years
Fire Safety
2 Years

Volunteers must complete all of these certification courses, then submit a copy of their completion certificates along with their completed access to both and